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Data Maximization and Enrichment

Skout helps our clients’ marketing dollars go farther by augmenting and expanding their existing contact data. 

We source additional NEW contacts from the firms already on your radar… those that you’ve worked hard to garner via SEO, website forms, trade shows, continuing education, industry platforms and feet on the street.  

We supply the fuel that drives your sales and marketing machine like nothing else!

Our offering is not a static list, nor a proprietary database owned by Skout.  Instead, for any given project we match a combination of key identifiers and pull from the “universe of available data” which often comes from multiple sources that are continually updated with the most current information available. 

How does it work?  We recently did a project where the client asked us to expand a specific segment of their database. They gave us the phone number and street address for just over 1,000 companies, along with one contact name and their email address.  We returned almost 6,000 new contacts at those same companies that they were able to integrate into their marketing and sales campaigns.

Other clients will have us do this same process of augmenting their data, except  on a monthly or quarterly basis as they continue to drive new inbound leads.

Because the results are based on your existing, verified information they're some of the highest quality leads you’ll ever find.


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